Every year, millions of people in the United States are injured in the workplace. There are some jobs that are more dangerous than others. For example, carpenters, construction workersand electricians have to deal with dangerous tools on a daily basis. However, anyone can be injured at work, so it’s important to be ready and understand your legal rights if it happens to you.


If you are injured while on the job, your employer is required to pay workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits may cover your medical expenses and lost wages if you are forced to take time off of work in order to recover from your injury.


However, you will not automatically begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits if you are injured while on the job. To take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits, you must report the injury to your employer right away. If you wait more than a month to let your employer know about the injury, you may lose your right to collect workers’ compensation benefits.


After you report your injury to your employer, you will need to visit a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor will check your condition, make suggestions regarding the kind of work you should do while your healing. The Doctor will also write a report summarizing your condition that will help you get approved for workers’ compensation benefits.

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